“No Middle Seat” Episode 3: In which our intrepid heroes discuss movies and do so with vigor!

Well folks, it’s a new year, which means one thing: time for my first movie podcast of 2011! That’s right, 2011 is upon us, which means that the Oscars are just around the corner!
I know what you’re thinking, if only there was a movie podcast of some kind in which two recent college graduates discuss movies that we could listen to! Well, you’re in luck because I just so happen to have a movie podcast in which my ol’ chum Anthony (www.lastcinemastanding.blogspot.com) and I and discuss our Top Ten Movies of 2010! Sit back, relax, and give it a listen:

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“No Middle Seat” Episode 2!

The people have spoken! You demanded more of Anthony and I talking about movies!!! Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Give the people what they want, I say!

Our second podcast focuses on the films of Clint Eastwood, specifically “Hereafter.” We also discuss the new Spider-Man film, our thoughts on the Coen brothers evolution over the years, and the new film “Black Swan.” I also talk about my unabashed love of Bill Murray, and many other fascinating things! Give it a listen! I dare you! It’s the rainy season, you know. What better time to have a cup of tea and cozy up to your laptop or iPod and listen to my podcast? The Universe wants you to. Trust me.

As an added bonus to the listeners of our last episode who were kind enough to comment and shower their praise upon us I added a little “on air” thank you at the end of the podcast. Listen to this one all the way through and leave a comment or two and I’ll do the same for YOU in our next podcast.

I’m rather enjoying this foray into podcasting. The back and forth between us and our listeners has been especially enjoyable for me. Thank you for that.

Let us know how you like the podcast!
“No Middle Seat” Ep.2 by No Middle Seat

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