“No Middle Seat” Episode 2!

The people have spoken! You demanded more of Anthony and I talking about movies!!! Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Give the people what they want, I say!

Our second podcast focuses on the films of Clint Eastwood, specifically “Hereafter.” We also discuss the new Spider-Man film, our thoughts on the Coen brothers evolution over the years, and the new film “Black Swan.” I also talk about my unabashed love of Bill Murray, and many other fascinating things! Give it a listen! I dare you! It’s the rainy season, you know. What better time to have a cup of tea and cozy up to your laptop or iPod and listen to my podcast? The Universe wants you to. Trust me.

As an added bonus to the listeners of our last episode who were kind enough to comment and shower their praise upon us I added a little “on air” thank you at the end of the podcast. Listen to this one all the way through and leave a comment or two and I’ll do the same for YOU in our next podcast.

I’m rather enjoying this foray into podcasting. The back and forth between us and our listeners has been especially enjoyable for me. Thank you for that.

Let us know how you like the podcast!
“No Middle Seat” Ep.2 by No Middle Seat

P.S. If the link doesn’t work just hit “refresh” or go back to my home page. That should do the trick.


9 comments on ““No Middle Seat” Episode 2!

  1. Evan Pug-h says:

    Y’know what’s funny about you saying it’s the rainy season? It’s been in the 90s down here for the past week.

    • Evan Pug-h says:

      Also: it sounds amazing this time!

      • Thanks! We recorded it in my living room, which actually has furniture and couches and pillows and stuff. Anthony’s room is a desolate wasteland which echoes everything back to the microphone, which was pretty evident in our first podcast.

        Glad it sounds better. I’m proud of how it turned it. This has been a fun experience. Makes me wish I had tried my hand at podcasting earlier.

  2. Evan Pug-h says:

    It’s like KRFH! But you can’t play music. And you have to talk a lot. Hahaha.

  3. I remember that.
    You: “This band is great! You’re listeners won’t know what hit ’em!”
    Me: “I don’t know, man. Lightning Bolt is pretty intense. I don’t want to scare anybody away from my show…”
    You: “Come on! It will be awesome!”
    Me: “Okay… I’ll play one song, but then I’m playing some Tom Waits.”

  4. sean patrick says:

    Good. Very good.
    Glad to hear that outlines were involved, at least by some members of NMS. You need to have one of these up weekly. The same day every time u kno? DO IT?

  5. Oh la la! “Very good.” I’ve always valued your opinion, Sean, so that means a lot to me.

    It’s nice to know that there is an audience out there for mine and Anthony’s movie musings.

    I’m trying to make “No Middle Seat” a bi-weekly podcast, personally. It would help if Anthony would return my texts. I texted him three times last week and even e-mailed him about seeing “Due Date” and haven’t heard back from him. Sigh… I suppose I could drive over to his place and knock on the door but I’ve been feeling lazy lately.

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