“No Middle Seat” Ep. 1

There was once a little boy who dreamed of great things. He dreamed of superheroes and movie magic. He dreamed of one day being friends with Spider-Man. He dreamed dreams of wonder and beauty. That little boy eventually grew up and become a great man. Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you today to say that I am that little boy.

*cue dramatic music*

That’s right, folks. I was not always this dashing fellow you know and love. I was once young and nerdy… Actually, now that I think about it, I’m still pretty nerdy. I’ve even got the podcast to prove it!

Being in charge of a podcast has always been a dream of mine, so when my good friend and fellow movie enthusiast Anthony suggested that the two of us begin a joint adventure into the world of podcasting, I jumped at the opportunity!

So here it is for all the world to enjoy: “No Middle Seat.” Sit back, listen and relax. Have a beer. Heck, have two beers. Have an entire keg. You deserve it.

P.S. If the Sound Cloud link doesn’t work please don’t fret your pretty head, because Anthony has the podcast on his blog as well, which you can find by copying and pasting this little ol’ link to your URL:


13 comments on ““No Middle Seat” Ep. 1

  1. Shaylan says:

    Loving the podcast Nate! I probably won’t see The Social Network until it’s out on DVD, but I actually want to now? Hahah. And I’m right there with you about Wes Anderson.

    Oh, and Zuckerberg actually donated $100 million to Newark schools and wanted to be anonymous, but was basically outed. But I think it’s pretty awesome that he would donate so much money to a single school district. It will change some lives, for sure.

    They will, of course, then spend most of their time on Facebook, so…

    And your buddy needs to get on something if he is going to be doing a podcast with you! Cater to your peoples! đŸ˜‰

    Hope this becomes a regular thing. Great job, guys! You are very entertaining to listen to, and it was kind of awesome to hear your voice again, Nate! I’m going to listen again when there are no pint-sized distractions (getting them to stay quiet for more than 3 seconds is pretty much impossible) for me. It’s taken me hours to get through this, 2 minutes or so at a time. And the last 5 minutes won’t load for me for some reason, but I’m gonna keep trying.

    Anyhow, this is all over the place because just as my listening, my writing has been at different times. Sorry ’bout that.

  2. Shaylan says:

    Oh, and by
    “And your buddy needs to get on something if he is going to be doing a podcast with you! Cater to your peoples!”
    I mean Twitter or FB, not like… drugs or anything. HEYO!

  3. Evan Pug-h says:

    I am going to listen to this until the Daily Show starts. You understand, motherfucker.

  4. Evan Pug-h says:

    Read my review of the Social Network (motherfucker): Here.

    Because I’m a whore.

    And Fincher’s style is accentuated by the perfectionism he embodies: it’s sterile and slick and everything’s in its right place. So it’s kind of boring but it works. It fucking works.

    • Shaylan: Thank you very much! I actually thought that you were talking about drugs to when you said that Anthony “needed to get on something if he wants to be on a podcast with you!” I thought you might have been alluding to the fact that I talk a mile a minute and that he might need a few espressos if he wants to keep up with me. Haha! But seriously, that guy needs to get with the times, amiright?

      Evan: Fair enough. I do love Jon Stewart and I can’t blame you for putting that Emmy-winning show above my humble little podcast (you bastard).

      I’ll have to read your review of The Social Network now, it seems. I like the fact that you’re blogging again, buddy. I really enjoyed your Toy Story 3 story. I’ve always liked your writing style you know.

      Oh, and you’re right about David Fincher: He’s a slick S.O.B. for sure.

  5. SarahJo says:

    I always stick my toes into new internet memes with a little trepidation… But I think you’ve got a winner! TOTALLY makes up for my never having gotten to fully appreciate the batcave.

    • We’ve got a winner on our hands, eh? Hot dog! This is good news!

      Glad you like the podcast. I’ve never done one before and it’s been really fun getting all this positive feedback. I feel so loved!

      Ah yes, “The Batcave.” Meeeeeemoooooriiiiieeeeees, allllll allllooooooone in the mooooooonliiiiiiiiiight!

  6. Joshua Ochoa says:

    This if very good Nathaniel; I will see The Social Network if it ever hits our theater. Also, I’m probably going to buy “The Squid and the Whale”, being that you recommend it so highly, and it will make my Amazon order of Important Things Season 2 over $25, thus procuring free shipping, which is nice. Anyways, will be listening to this as it comes. And what did you think of The Age of Adz?

    • “The Squid and the Whale” is an amazing film. It reminds me of early Woody Allen crossed with a darker version of Wes Anderson, if that makes sense. Very emotional film.

      Also, as far as Sufjan’s latest album is concerned, I really enjoyed it! He’s definitely leaning towards more electronic music, and it compliments his vocals very well. My favorite tracks are “I Walked” and “Now That I’m Older.”

  7. Karen says:

    nice job sir nate!
    very much enjoyed your podcast. i never got the chance to listen to you
    radio show..glad i got to finally listen to some of your work.

  8. sean patrick says:

    Yous motherfuckers is all over the place. I love it, but that may well be because I know the two of you. Maybe an outline would do? Anthony could point to a certain part of the outline and then yous could talk about that subject?
    I know that the things you talked about were related, but that is only cuz I hang out with anton a lot. Just sayin. Tighten that shit up a bit.
    Like a virgin.

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