“The Batcave” Playlist for 5/5/10 (Final Show!!!!)

“Ask” by The Smiths (dedicated to Max)
“Fitz & Dizzyspells” by Andrew Bird (dedicated to Hannah)
“You’re My Best Friend” by Queen (dedicated to Seth, Zach, and Dar Dar Binks! Ha! Mulltitasking!)
“You Go To My Head” by Frank Sinatra (dedicated to Becca)
“Beautiful World” by Devo (dedicated to Nels and Beno and Scott! 3 for the price of 1!)
“Here Is No Why” by Smashing Pumpkins (for Paul, may he rest in peace)
“December” by Regina Spektor
“Old Man” by Neil Young (dedicated to Brian)
“Do You Realize?” by The Flaming Lips
“Hotel Yorba” by The White Stripes (for Joshua)
“Wake Up” by Arcade Fire
“Where Do You Go To My Lovely?” by Peter Sarstedt


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