“The Batcave” Playlist for 4/28/10!

The epicness took place on Wednesday from 11 p.m.-midnight on krfh.net, broadcasting from the dungeon of Gist Hall at HSU. Tonight’s Guest DJ: Tom Vidosh from the band “Dreamgoatz.” This is what we played:

“He was a dancer” by Doll and the Kicks (for Tiffanie, a big fan, no big deal or anything. She’s pretty awesome.)

“Jabberwock Crucifun” by Dreamgoatz

“Hold On” by Tom Waits (for Becca!)

“So Cold I Could See My Breath” by Emery (for Hannah!)

“Fell On Love” by Dreamgoatz

“Sylvia” by The Antlers (for Brian, who is lucky enough to see them tomorrow!)

“Dreamland Dithyramb” by Dreamgoatz

“Unknown Legend” by Neil Young

“Tell It to Me” by Old Crow Medicine Show (for Bob!)

“Bugsoul Slurpbeat” by Dreamgoatz

“Ectoplasmic Death Shuffle/Tangerine Salad Haze” by Dreamgoatz

“Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None” by Snoop Dogg (for Max, who is a gangsta)

“Braingle Spraingle in Da Bathtub taft” by Dreamgoatz

“Ocean of Noise” by Arcade Fire (for Becca!)


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