Confessions of a Conan O’Brien enthusiast: Where our hero sets into motion plans of seeing his red-headed idol in person!

How long has it been since Conan O’Brien graced the airwaves? Days? Weeks?!? Months?!?!!? YEARS?!!?!!?! It feels like an eternity since I saw that lanky Irish bastard and I miss him! There. I said it. I, Nathaniel Ochoa, miss Conan.

My life hasn’t been the same since Conan was unceremoniously kicked off the air. I mean, sure, I still go about my day as I always do. I still over-eat. I still drink too much coffee. I still work out (so that way I can eat and feel no shame). I still love comic books. I still watch movies and then talk about them for hours. In most regards, my life is the same as it ever was, except for one thing: No Conan. This makes me sad.

I’m a night owl by nature. I stay up late every night, even if I know I have to get up at 7 a.m. the next morning. I can’t help myself. I could never be a baker or a butcher (do candlestick makers offer evening shifts?). This means that when midnight rolls around I’m still wide awake, usually reading, or Facebook stalking my friends. But still, when the clock hits 12:35 a.m. I (until recently) would grab my remote and flip on my TV and laugh myself to sleep watching Conan’s antics. Alas, that is in the past now (until November that is, thanks TBS!).

Luckily for Team Coco (that’s what us Conan-loving types are calling ourselves these days), Conan is taking his show on the road!!!! And better yet, I’ve tickets to see him live!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a little excited.

Conan announced last month on Twitter that he was going on tour (The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour), causing quite a stir amoung his faithful followers. I checked his tour dates and decided then and there that I had to see him. I instantly thought of Seth, a beloved friend of mine and fellow Conan-enthusiast, as the ideal man date for this occasion. His fiancee (!!!) Tara is coming along, to serve as our caretaker while we both become rabid with excitement and glee for this historic event.

As of the publication of this, Conan’s tour is already officially underway and I couldn’t be happier about this! More Conan news as it transpires. Stay tuned, faithful readers (all 7 of them… I love you mom!).

The date of the performance: Thursday, May 6th in Sacramento! Then I graduate college on Saturday, May 15th! May is going to be the best month EVER!!!!!


2 comments on “Confessions of a Conan O’Brien enthusiast: Where our hero sets into motion plans of seeing his red-headed idol in person!

  1. shaylan says:

    sooooooooooooooo jealous.
    conan was a must-see for us for years. fridays were always a killer show. not that the rest of the week sucked, i just remember every single friday thinking “dude, this is the best thing EVAR!”

    if i didnt already, id start paying for cable come november so that i can see him again. im not a night own anymore 😦 but conando is worth investing in a dvr. hahaha.

    it does feel like hes been gone forever, doesnt it? guh. team coco all the way.

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