“The Batcave” Playlist for 3/10/10!

Wednesday night from 11 p.m.-midnight (podcasting from krfh.net)! Good show as per usual 🙂 This is what I played tonight:

“Pistol Grip” by The Blakes

“24 Hour Karate School” by Mos Def

“California Stars” by Wilco and Billy Bragg

“Adventures in Solitude” by The New Pornographers (for Brian, a good fellow once you get to know him)

“Here Comes My Baby” by Cat Stevens (for Arial!)

“Artsy” by The Grouch

“Gemini (Birthday Song” by Why? (for David! Loved this song, btw!)

“Of The Heavens and The Earth” by The Lighthouse and the Whaler (for Ellie!)

“Fashion is Danger” by Flight of the Conchords

“The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” by The Flaming Lips

“I And Love And You” by The Avett Brothers (for Mason, my latest Twitter homie!)

“VCR” by The xx (for Darlene!)


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