SNL: Is Jon Hamm the next Alec Baldwin?

Pretty much.

For those of us lucky enough to have watched last week’s “SNL”, one thing quickly became apparent: Jon Hamm is a funny motherfucker.

What makes Jon Hamm’s comedic chops so impressive is that Hamm is best known for playing the smooth, philandering “Donald Draper,” in AMC’s period drama “Mad Men.” Most think of Hamm as a stricly serious actor (though he did prove himself to be quite funny last season as Tina Fey’s brief love interest in “30 Rock”), which is what made his foray into comedy such a nice surprise!

Apparently, since being blessed with movie star good looks is not enough, Hamm also happens to be blessed with great comic timing, and a dry delivery that brings to mind the young Alec Baldwin.

In the 90s Alec Baldwin was quite the heartthrob, winning rave reviews for his dramatic work, while showcasing his lighter side on “SNL” (and later “30 Rock,” but that’s another story). Remind you of anyone?

If you said “Jon frickin’ Hamm” then you’re right on the money! Hamm has won multiple awards for his brooding portrayal of “Don Draper” in “Mad Men,” and has proven himself for the second time as a worthy host of
“Saturday Night Live.”

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy his work in “Mad Men,” quite the opposite, actually! “Mad Men” remains one of my favorite shows! I’m just saying that it’s always fun to see a dramatic actor or actress loosen up a bit and give comedy a whirl. Sometimes it’s a complete disaster, but every now and again an actor or actress completely surprises you and makes you laugh so hard your ribs ache. And for me, that actor is Jon Hamm.

Keep up the good work on “Mad Men,” buddy ol’ pal, but don’t forget to stop by “SNL” every now and then.


2 comments on “SNL: Is Jon Hamm the next Alec Baldwin?

  1. Lol! That was one of my favorite sketches! I loved the ending, when he emerged from the womb, shirtless and playing the sax. Man oh man, I was in tears!

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